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Baggage allowance

Direktflyg allows each passenger (excluding infants) to carry one piece of hand baggage onboard free of charge. The hand baggage must not weigh more than 5 kg and have dimensions of less than 45x35x20 cm. For the comfort and safety of all passengers the baggage must fit under the seat in front. These regulations are primarily for safety reasons but also for the consideration and comfort of all passengers onboard. You can also check-in baggage to a maximum weight of 20 kg free of charge. NOTE! EU Regulations concerning handbaggage – Restrictions on liquids that passengers can carry past screening points. You may take liquids and wax or gelatinous substances with you in containers of up to 100 ml. The containers shall fit comfortably in one transparent, resealable plastic bag that doesn’t exceed 1 litre. The bag must be completely closed. Liquids include gels, pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and the content of pressurised containers, e.g. toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, syrups, perfume, shaving foam, aerosols and other items of similar consistency. You may also bring liquids for medical purposes and special dietary requirements, including baby food, in your hand luggage, these should be accesible to show up at security control, but do not have to be stored in a plastic bag. The regulations on limited fluids do not apply to checked in luggage. Remember to take care packing bottles/fluids in your checked in baggage as eventual damage caused by for exampel a broken bottle is not compensated. We urge you to be on good time at the airport, as queues to the security control can arise. For further info, please visit Transportstyrelsen.


These are sent as checked in baggage, the wheels should be dismantled during transport and everything packed in a special bag to reduce the risk of damage. These bags can be purchased at most airports.


Questions? Mail us at callcenter@direktflyg.com

Electronic equipment

It is forbidden to use the following items during take off and landing and when the fasten seatbelt sign is illuminated:

  • Laptop
  • Equipment for sound and voice – recording
  • Electr- onic toys
  • Calculator
  • Pager
  • Electric razor

It is forbidden to use the following on board the aircraft at anytime:

  • Mobile phone/Walkie-Talkie
  • CD player
  • Radio transmitters
  • Remote controlled equipment
  • Radio and TV recievers
  • and any other equipment that contains a radio transmitter

Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods that are permitted for transport in baggage: Alcoholic beverages Max 5 litres per passenger, bottles should be sealed Dry ice Max 1 kg per passenger, packed in water and carried in hand baggage Matches and lighters Matches – carried on the person, for personal use Lighters – Max 5 per passenger – refills/lighter fluid cannot be carried Ammunition for shooting activities Should be in original packing and carried in checked in baggage. Max. 5 kgs per person. Flares are not permitted Medicine and toiletries Checked in baggage – up to 2 litres of sprays, perfumes, colognes and medicines containing alcohol Hand baggage – maximum 0.5 litres or 0.5kg. Each item should not be over 0.3 litres or 0.3kg Curling tongs – gas powered In either checked in baggage or hand baggage – must not be used onboard Knifes, scissors or other sharp objects Knife blade max 5cm – Must be in checked in baggage Oxygen Pressurised container with inhalator, with max 1 litre volume can be carried in the cabin Forbidden Dangerous goods Pyrotechnic items (fireworks, blank cartridges etc) Not permitted in either hand or checked in baggage Mercury thermometer Not permitted in either hand or checked in baggage Flammable liquids (paint, paraffin, etc) Not permitted in either hand or checked in baggage The following equipment potentially contain dangerous goods: Ski Equipment Possibly contains gas container for gas operated blow torch Military baggage Possibly contains lose rounds, ammunition, hand and smoke grenades Camping Equipment Possibly contains primus stoves with fuel, matches, flares Industrial packing – wooden or metal containers, metal / thermos flasks For further information, please contact the check-in staff  

Sporting equipment

Ski equipment Skis can be carried; however they must be packed in a ski bag. They should be securely packed with one pair of skis and one set of poles per bag. If over normal baggage allowance then excess baggage charges apply. One ski bag costs 300 SEK per leg, maximum weight per bag is 20 kg. Golfbag The cost to check in one golf bag is 300 SEK per leg. Maximum weight per bag is 20 kg. If over normal baggage allowance then excess baggage charges apply. A golfbag may contain clubs and a pair of shoes. To book special baggage please contact out Callcenter at +46 (0) 770-790 700.

Carriage of firearms

According to law, it is forbidden to carry a firearm in the passenger cabin. Weapons Weapons and ammunition must be checked in. The weapon should be separated into two parts and packed in separate bags. Max 5kgs ammunition per person may be carried. This should be in checked in luggage and carried in the hold of the aircraft. Ammuntion Ammunition should be packed in original packing. Rifle cartridges should be packed separated from each other with partition walls within the ammunitions box. Shotgun cartridges must not be loose in their box. We do not allow passengers to combine packing of ammunition so that more than 5 kgs is carried in any single bag. Quantities larger than 5kg must be sent as freight. It costs 350 SEK per leg and weapon bag. To book please contact our Callcenter at +46 (0) 770-790 700.

Overweight/Excess baggage

Excess over the allowed weight is charged at 30 Swedish Kronor inclusive tax per kilo Baggage that weighs over 20kg – excluding hand baggage, is considered overweight unless your ticket states that you may carry more than 20kg. Maximum weight permitted is 30kg. For passengers with commuter tickets or company agreements the allowance is 30kg In connection with overweight baggage you will be directed to our ticket office to pay for any excess.