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Special needs / Reduced mobility

General On our Jetstreams we can accommodate those passengers who need assistance to and from the aircraft. You must be able to board /disembark the aircraft and take your seat unaided. Should you require assistance this should be requested at the time of booking and we request that you arrive at the airport in good time for your flight and make yourself known to our check in staff. If you cannot evacuate the aircraft unaided in the case of emergency then you are considered to have reduced mobility. If you are blind or deaf then you are not considered to have reduced mobility.   Check in If you require assistance then you should be at the gate – minimum of 30 minutes before scheduled departure time for domestic flights – Minimum of 1 hour before scheduled departure time for international flights   Reservation When making your reservation please advise us what type of assistance you require   WCHR (Wheelchair to ramp) – I need a wheelchair to and from the aircraft and can make my own way up and down the aircraft steps and to the aircraft seat   Wheelchairs It is important that you advise us what type of wheelchair you will be travelling with and its weight and measurements. Naturally there is no extra charge for the carriage of your wheelchair Wheelchairs accepted for carriage shall not exceed the following measurements; Length: 170cm Width: 85cm Height: 80cm